About Me

Mission Statement



At I Thee Wed it is our mission to provide meaningful, unique and beautiful wedding ceremonies, to all couples.

My Philosophy



If you think that your ceremony should be the most significant part of your wedding day, then you're in the right place. Rev. Kerschner at I Thee Wed  will create and perform a wedding ceremony that will be--hands down--one of the most memorable experiences of your life. I specialize in officiating Traditional and Contemporary ceremonies that are Religious, Non-Denominational, or Non-Religious ceremonies. I also perform  short ceremonies and vow renewals of all sizes with fun and flair and we always make the wishes and values of our couples our first priority. All beliefs and types of couples are welcomed!

What I am about


         I was Ordained to be a Minister in 1993. I have been doing weddings over that 26+ years. I treat every couple as if they were my family. A rule I like to live by is. 

    It’s about you, not me. I have my own spiritual views and ideas on what makes a ceremony great. I share those views and ideas with you here. However, my beliefs and tastes are irrelevant when it comes to planning, writing and performing your ceremony – because it’s yours. I’m happy to offer up suggestions when asked, but I’ll never “overrule” you, change things without your permission or say or do anything that you haven’t expressly approved.